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With nearly 4.3 million people having fled the conflict in Syria as of October 2015, GlobalMedic is providing continuous support to Syrian refugee families as they transit into Iraq, Serbia and Greece. With thousands of refuges arriving daily, overcrowding is common, forcing families to live and sleep in outdoor spaces without access to proper shelter, food, basic hygiene necessities and health services, or access to clean water. With the onset of the winter season, families also lack the appropriate protection to remain healthy and warm as temperatures continue to drop.

GlobalMedic has been providing aid to in Iraq since 2007. In the past 10 months, GlobalMedic has delivered a total of 6,088 Hygiene Kits, 1,057 Winterization Kits, 3,308 Rainfresh Household Water Purification Units, 1,000 Non-Food Item Kits, 500 Newborn Kits, 1 AR-10 Emergency Water Purification Unit and 1.4 million water purification tablets. Most recently in October, 400 families in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq received Winter Non-Food Item kits containing heaters, cooking stoves, and mattresses and blankets, in addition to essential hygiene supplies such as soap, diapers and sanitary pads, to support their health and livelihood as colder weather sets in.

In Serbia, thousands of refugee families cross the Serbian-Macedonian border daily as they continue their transit further into Europe. GlobalMedic’s team is on the ground in the border town of Prešovo, where they’ve just completed the distribution of 2,000 Family Emergency Kits with the support of the Government of Canada. These kits will provide families with hygiene supplies, including toothbrushes, toothpaste, baby diapers and other essentials, as well as a winterization items including jackets, thermal hats, gloves and socks, items of which these families are in dire need.

Additionally, each day thousands more refugee families arrive on the shores of Kos, Greece, after a perilous journey to reach the island on unsafe rafts, boats and dinghys from Turkey. 1,792 Food Packs, 1,225 Hygiene Kits and 2,017 Non-Food Item Kits have been distributed to arriving families thus far by GlobalMedic’s Rapid Response team on the island, in addition to a supply of water purification tablets to address their ongoing water needs. The Hygiene and Non-Food Item Kits contain locally-procured towels, soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, blankets, sanitary napkins and shaving razors. Food Packs consist of nutritious, transportable food items that refugee families will be able to carry with them during their ongoing travels. By sourcing these items locally, GlobalMedic is supporting the local businesses and economy, and ensuring the acceptance of kits by providing familiar products to refugee families. In total, 3,000 families will receive aid from GlobalMedic on Kos, benefitting 15,000 people.

GlobalMedic is currently running operations in these areas with teams on the ground, some of these people and programs are available for interviews and stories.


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GlobalMedic is an operational arm of the David McAntony Gibson Foundation (DMGF). DMGF is a registered Canadian charity that runs capacity building programs in post conflict nations and provides disaster relief services to large-scale catastrophes around the world.

GlobalMedic has implemented over 110 successful disaster responses; these have included responses to tsunamis in Sri Lanka, the Solomon Islands and Japan; earthquakes in Haiti, Indonesia, Peru, China and Pakistan; hurricanes in Guatemala; typhoons in the Philippines; floods in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Mexico, and Indonesia; tropical storms in the Dominican Republic; cyclones in Burma (Myanmar); drought and famine in the Horn of Africa and complex emergencies in Lebanon, Pakistan and Gaza. Facebook: GlobalMedic Twitter: @GlobalMedicDMGF

Posted on Fri, November 13, 2015

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