How can you help?

GlobalMedic provides hope to those affected by disaster; but we can only do so with your help. Supporting GlobalMedic gives you the opportunity to help those affected by disaster to help themselves. If you would like to make a donation please click on the Donate Now link. Examples of the impact your support can make: $30 can provide 200 people with clean drinking water each day following a disaster $100 can provide 10,000 water purification tablets $150 can provide long-term water solutions for a family GlobalMedic’s Rapid Response Team consists of professional rescuers such as paramedics, firefighters and police officers. The team accepts the donation of equipment they can utilize on disaster relief missions and capacity building programs. Please see the below list of items needed:

Communications / Audio Visual Equipment:

Digital Camcorders / Handheld Portable Radio Units / Headsets / Laptops / Satellite Phones / 35mm SLR Camera Sets (28-200 zooms) or Digital Camera System / Tripods / VCRs / DVD Players / Large screen TVs / Printers / Projectors / Extension Cords /

Training Equipment:

CPR Training Mannequins / Airway Training Mannequins / SINMAN / SMART Boards / Easels with Chat Paper /


Paramedic Jackets, Pants and Shirts / Winter hats / Baseball caps / Scarves / Basic Winter Jackets (with zip out fleece lining) / Trauma Vests / Safety Vests / Tactical Cut off Trousers with Cargo Pockets / Steel Toed Boots / Socks / Webbing Belts / Webbing Gear / Scissor Kits / Glove Packs / Radio Holders / Safety Goggles / Maglight Holder / Minimag Covers

Medical Kits:

WHO Emergency Medical Kits / WHO Emergency Infectious Disease Kits

Emergency Medical Equipment:

Defibrilators / O2 cylinders / O2 Regulators & Flow Meters / Bag Valve Masks / Flynn Rescusitator Masks Adult & Pediatric / Non-rebreathable O2 masks / Regular O2 masks / Pediatric Non-rebreather O2 masks / Pediatric Regular O2 masks / Nasal Cannulas / Oral-Pharangeal Airway Kits / Nasal Airways Sets / Instant Glucose Packs / Glucometers / Combat Application Tourniquets / Combitubes / SteriStrips / Butterfly Dressings / Scissor Kits / Eyeshields / Rescue bags / Blankets (Emergency and Regular) / IV Kits / EndoTracheal Intubation Kits / Syringes

Medical Exam & Clinical Equipment:

Stethescopes / BP Cuffs / Gloves / Pulse Oxymeters / Thermometers / Heart Monitors / Portable Examination Tables / Hospital Gowns / Surgical Masks / Surgical Scrubs / Eye Goggles / Portable Sterilization Machines / Autoclaves

Trauma & Burn Supplies:

Vaccu-Splints, Full Body & Extremities / Speed Splints / 4x4 Non-sterile Gauze / 2x2 Non-sterile Gauze / 4x4 Sterile gauze / 2x2 Sterile gauze / Kling Rolls (4 & 6") / Pressure Dressings / Trauma Abdo Pads / Cloth Tape / Clear Medical Tape / Sager Splints / Jelonet Dressing / Burn Cream / Burn Dressings / Eyepads / Ace Bandages / Cotton Swabs / Tongue depressors / Bandaids / Suture Kits / Suture Tools (clamps) / Compress Bandages / Malleable Wrist Splints / Triangular bandages / Quick Clots / Tourniquets

Immobilization, Search & Rescue, Transport:

Stiffneck Cervical Collars / Spinal boards / Straps / Head Immobilization systems / Scoop Stretchers / #9 Portable Field Stretcher / #30 Stretchers / #35A Stretchers / Pole Stretchers / KED's / Stokes Basket / Rescue Ropes / Climbing Equipment / Flashlights / Headlamps

Emergency Medicines (Expiry date > 6 months in the future):

Saline Bags / Dextrose Bags / Ringers #5 bags / Iron Supplements / Penicillin / Amoxycillin / Ciprofloxacillin / Metrodinazole / Valium / Epinephrine / Norepinephrine / Salbutamol / Theophyllins / Dilantin / Phenobarb / Acetominophin / Nitroglycerine / ASA / Scabies Cream / Xylocaine / Lidocaine / Oral Rehydration Salt Packets

Water Purification Systems:

Nomad / Trekker / Explorer / Aquatabs / PUR / Gravity Drinking Water Systems

Inflatable Hospitals & Field Clinics:

Inflatable Field Hospital 22’x 42 / 20” and 25” Field Clinics


Hospital Beds / Wheel Chairs / Walkers / Canes / Crutches / Blankets / Used Ambulances / Water Canteens

Firefighter Personal Protective Equipment:

Firefighter Jacket and Pants (aka Bunker Gear or Turnout Gear) / Firefighting Helmets with Visor / Firefighting Gloves / Firefighting Boots / Working SCBAs with Facepiece (fire rated, 2200psi and/or 4500psi) / SCBA cylinders (2200psi and/or 4500psi) / PASS Devices Carbon Monoxide or Multigas Detectors

Hand Tools:

Hose Wrench (aka Hose Spanner) / Sledge Hammers/ Flat-head Axes / Fire Axes (aka Pickheaded Axe) / Pry Axes / Crowbars / Wrecking Bars/ Pry Bars / Halligan Bars / Bolt Cutters (12" to 36")

Fire Fighting Equipment:

Hand-pump Operated Water Extinguishers/ Air Pressurized Water Extinguishers (empty) / Fire Blankets / Portable De-watering / Fire Pumps, 380 L/min @ 7 bar (100 GPM @ 100 PSI) capability minimum / Pump Intake Hose (aka Hard Suction Hose) / Pump Intake Hose Strainer /Fire Hose (38mm and/or 65mm, rolled) / Fire Hose Combination Nozzles (38mm and 65mm, handheld and ground-mount) / Fire Hose Adapters (38mm and 65mm, double male and double female adapters) / Fire Hose Appliances (water curtain, gated wye, 65mm to 38mm reducer) /?Portable Water Tank (aka Collapsable Water Tank, Onion Tank) / Firefighting Ventilation Fans (electric and/or gas powered) / Gas Powered Rotary Cut Saw with Cutting Wheels (Multi-purpose, Steel, Concrete etc) / Folding Extension Ladder (aka Combination Ladder) / Thermal Imaging Cameras

Support Equipment:

12 Volt Air Compressors / SCBA Breathing Air Compressors (2200psi, 4500psi) / Electric Generators / Heavy Duty Extension Cords / Work Lights (Rough Service, Halogen)

GlobalMedic would like to thank its supporters for their generosity. GlobalMedic Donate Now
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GlobalMedic operates on a low overhead principle. Every dollar the organization receives from the public goes directly towards funding relief missions. GlobalMedic builds the capacity of communities affected by disaster by donating the necessary equipment to the communities and providing the relevant training.
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Examples of how your support helps:

Support Gear

$1,500 will provide a water purification unit to purify clean drinking water for 1,000 people daily

Support Gear 2

$10,000 will a provide water purification unit to purify clean drinking water for 30,000 people daily

Support Gear 3

$15,000 will a provide water purification unit to purify clean drinking water for 70,000 people daily


GlobalMedic Donate Now

GlobalMedic offers corporate sponsors the following mediums of recognition in the public:

Mainstream Media Publicity Recognition

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Rapid Response Team Apparel Recognition


Promotional Videos

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How can I get involved?

When you send out invitations for your birthday party, let your guests know that instead of presents, you are collecting donations for GlobalMedic.

How does my donation get to people who need help?

After your party, give GlobalMedic a call (416-916-0522) and we can help you decide what kind of program you would like to support. GlobalMedic will then take your donations and deliver clean water to families who need it overseas.

Where can I get more information?

You can call GlobalMedic to speak with one of us directly: 416-916-0522 or you can email us: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

You can download our birthday package by clicking here.

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